London Cultural & Financial capital

London Cultural & Financial capital

“Londoners are proud of the ‘unity in diversity’, with over 300 languages spoken here, London is literally the most international city in the world. Its financial sector,  creative industries and tourism industry all rely, in different ways, on their relations with the rest of the world and, with the achievements of winning the Olympic Games and hosting major sporting events like the Tour de France, London has proved the success
of becoming the city that embraces globalisation.”

- Mayor of London

London is the world’s capital city and frequently tops the list of the world’s great cities.

Following research of population figures, financial markets, tourism trends, transport facilities and data relating to sports and arts events and transport, London is seen as a centre of economic and cultural significance.

With one of the world’s most ebullient stock exchanges, a bustling and economically attractive City, the highest number of Unesco World Heritage Sites in any city, and a truly international restaurant scene that typifies its cultural make-up, with more ethnic restaurants than any other metropolis, London scores highly across the board.